My start with MOOC, change and learning

I am today beginning a social technology/learning adventure – joining 1300+ others in participating in a massive open online course (MOOC) called Change: Education, learning and technology. Among those joining the course are several friends and colleagues from the Master’s Program in Learning & Organizational Change at Northwestern University.

This MOOC is impressive. Some 35 weeks of content and thought-leadership, designed (in part) to create a snapshot of the state-of-the-art of technology and learning as it stands in 2011/2012. Fair warning from the designers of this event – Dave Cormier, George Siemens and Stephen Downes – that there is simply more content than any one reasonable human being can digest. And in the orientation to the course there are several thoughtful videos from the three exploring this issue (Cormier’s below).

At this moment, what is most intriguing to me is exactly what will drive my path through the content. As an instructor in a graduate program that provides opportunity for innovation in course design, I’ve had the opportunity to explore “stewarding” students through ideas and concepts and encouraging personal discovery of how these ideas and concepts apply to their professional context. But there is definitely a level of steering still going on.

In the MOOC it is all about choosing your own path. I suspect that I’ll jump onto some topics because of some deep-seated geek-attraction instinct (squirrel!! squirrel!!). But I also know that I’ll be influenced by sharing with my friends at MSLOC (we have already connected on a Google+ circle).

Not sure how my path will be determined. It’ll be emergent for sure. But I’ll be paying attention to how this plays out because I sense it will lead to some interesting insights.

5 thoughts on “My start with MOOC, change and learning

  1. Tara

    I just started the course as well…information overload it is! I think the most challenging thing for me, though, will be forcing myself to be an ACTIVE participant. I’m an instructor in northern Canada and, though I have a background which is more ‘tech-driven’ than some of the other instructors, I’m not exactly at the level of most of the current participants; I’m just going to scratch along.

    I like your post and look forward to reading more of your updates/thoughts in the future…


    1. Jeff Merrell Post author

      Thanks Tara. I think we’re all planning on scratching along! But it does help to connect like this. My colleagues will be joining in on the conversations as well. Am sure you’d enjoy their thinking, too.

      Looking forward to connecting more over the coming weeks.

  2. Tai Arnold (@taiarnold)

    I too am starting the MOOC and have been poking around the archives of prior iterations for a few weeks. So far I am just flitting about and trying to make sense of it and will more than likely dive into things that interest me and let some other bits slide. I hoping to think about the ways open learning and open resources will affect higher education and the ways in which we engage with our students. I ahve not participated in a MOOC before and I’m looking forward to the expereince and to seeing how this evolves for all of us. #change11

    1. Jeff Merrell Post author

      Looks like we’re in the same boat (and about to head out into a big body of water) re: application to higher ed. Looking forward to following your blog posts and commentary. Thanks for checking in!

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